Velvets Material

100% Cotton Velvet fabric. Polyester crushed velvet material available in various finishes. We stock a range of velvet and crushed vevet fabrics. Luxurious feel for beautiful drapes and uphoplstery. Velvet hologram with sequins and velvet velours for dancewear, stagewear and stage decoration, fancy costumes etc.

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Wholesale Price: £10.99/Mtr
Roll Size: 20 (Mtrs)

Saving: £60.00/Roll

Cotton velvet fabric soft luxurious fabric with a pile weave that gives it a rich velvet finish, soft sheen and soft drape, common uses are apparel, corporate clothing, jackets, and waist coats, velvet fabrics are a good choice of fabric for interior designers for, decor, interior design, home furni...


10% Lycra 90% Polyester


Wholesale Price: £3.99/Mtr
Roll Size: 50 (Mtrs)

Saving: £100.00/Roll

Crushed Velvet fabric, 100% Polyester 185 grm/m2 crushed velvet 150cm wide, a lustrous finish, the nap of the fabric has been pressed to point in different directions which gives it the irregular appearance, sometimes they call this type of velvet panne, uses are dresses, clothing, apparel, elegant ...


A luxurious superior quality micro velvet,  light weight, short pile velvet rayon and viscose mix   Excellent quality Soft, good drape, fine pile finished micro velvet, sometimes referred to as Chiffon Velvet, Triple Velvet, sheer velvet, devore velvet (not Burnout)   Fabric width...


Velveteen fabric, an imitation velvet fabric with a soft plain one pattern very fine close nap with a slight slope to the pile, nylon backed with a mat sheen, no drape qualities as of ordinary velvet, many uses are for recovering panels, headboards, jewellery boxes, jewellery counter displays. width...


Velvet material with eye-catching hologram sequins. Velvet is a type of woven 'tufted' fabric which has a luxurious soft and distinctive feel. Traditionally, velvet has been associated with nobility. This fabric is ideal for stagewear, dancewear, set and stage design etc.


Velvet Velour, a soft luxurious velvet-like fabric. Ideal for costumes and clothing, dance and fashion wear.


Contract Crib 5, soft velvet fabric in beautiful range of colours. Suitable for all domestic upholstery use. 100% Polyester. This fabric meets the requirements pf Bs5852 Part 1 ignition source 0 (cigarette) ignition source 1 (match) as laid out in the FURNITURE & FURNISHINGS (FIRE) (SAFETY) RE...


Flame retardant velvet fabric for a variety of uses including upholstery, wall hangings, apparel etc. 100% Cotton pile Velvet. BS5867 Part 2B, Non durable flame retardant finish will withstand up to six water-free dry cleaning cycles. If wetted in any way it is essential that the fabric be re-tre...


Elite Upholstery Velour. A soft, warm, durable fabric with slightly raised pile. Ideal for upholstery.


Bling is designed to be used for upholstery and soft furnishings.   The fabric boasts a textured crushed surface which looks and feels great.   The crushed texture catches the light at different angles creating a mottled lustre all over the fabric. Bling velvet is also fire retardant t...


Introducing an elegant collection of a high quality upholstery velvet fabric.   This exceptional fabric is ideal for upholstery projects as the sleek and smooth velvet boasts a surface which is beautifully soft to the touch, yet has a toughened underside which adds to the durability of the ve...


Super sweet fabric with heart motifs which are actually 3D! The cute heart shapes are cleverly embossed right into the actual fabric. This method pushes out the heart shapes from underneath so the hearts literally pop out a few millimetres from the surface of the fabric. The hearts are set out in a ...


Soft Feeel Polyester Velvet fabric, Fire Retardant, ideal for back drops, display and interior decor 


Car Headlining fabric, Felt Backing this is the top fabric only with out the laminated foam backing and instead has a felt backing, Fabric Width 140cm   Ideal for replacing car and automotive interior roof lining headlining and trimming, works well on boat interiors, caravan interiors, ...


A soft, short pile velvet. 100% polyester. At 235gsm the plush Velvet fabric is light enough for a wide range of uses such as furnishings to fashion, as well as all manner of crafts.


Plain Spandex Velvet Composition: 92% Polyester 3% Elastane Weight: 250grn m2 Fabric Width: 150cm Spandex velvet is a type of fabric that combines the stretch properties of spandex with the softness and warmth of velvet. Spandex is a synthetic elastane fibre that is known for its stretch ability...


The super soft texture and pile must be felt to be believed and is sure to create beautiful window treatments and accent cushions. The delicate plain velvet surface is a timeless addition to your decor.